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Weird Wednesday

This week's dose of absurdity and hilarity from around the sporting world.

Good News and Bad News. First the bad news: Only one person submitted links for this week's Weird Wednesday feature, and they forgot to send me a name to use to give them credit. Please don't forget to be on the lookout for these articles. I need all the help I can get.

Now for the good news: I was able t find enough articles to flesh out a top 5, and still have some honorable mentions for this week.

So now, on to the countdown:

Honorable Mentions:

Video: Colts fan busts out dance moves for Titans cheerleader

Not sure if this is just weird, or deeply disturbing....

Connecticut sophomore’s spinning field goal is the stuff of trick shot legend | Prep Rally - Yahoo Sports

Pretty cool looking.

H.S. Basketball Coach Resigns Amid Claims He Bit His Own Player's Face

I think the craziest part of this story is the guy's last name.

And now to the countdown:

#5 - Skins Fan Narcs On "F RG3" Plate To DMV, And Now Everybody Hates Him

Weird vanity plates are pretty common, but Virginia takes this to a new level. Not only did this one set off a firestorm, but they have crazy ones like this one linked in the comments of the article above. Creepy....

#4 - Arizona runners get unexpected challenger in state championship race: A coyote | Prep Rally - Yahoo Sports

He couldn't have won anyway. He took an illegal shortcut.

#3 - Marching Band Duels

First we had this amazing Ohio State show featuring a moving T-Rex that actually eats someone, then it was followed up by a Nintendo-themed show by Clemson. These things are awesome.

#2 - Chi Chi Rodriguez's New Trick Shot: Bouncing A Golf Ball Off His Nuts

Amazing trick. Not one I think he wants to repeat.

And the headline for this next one says it all:

#1 - This Beer-Funneling Grandma Is The Best

A staple of all college tailgates, guzzling beer through a funnel seems like a rite of passage. This lady proves it is never too late...

These were my top 5, let me know how you would rank them below. And don't forget to vote in the poll. The top vote-getter will be carried forward to next week's poll to see how long it can stay on top.