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Kansas vs Iona Open Game Thread

Kansas vs Iona Open Game Thread

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas tips off at home in about an hour coming off of a huge win over Duke in the Champions Classic. The last two years Kansas has fallen in the annual event, first to Kentucky, then last year to Michigan State. In both of those instances the Jayhawks responded well and learned from the loss. Now Kansas is on the other side and they are heading into a game looking like one of the better teams in the country early on. Kansas will host a quality mid major opponent that will present a different look defensively and a continued challenge offensively.

This Jayhawk team has already developed a bit of an identity and some understanding of who fills what role, but that's an ongoing process that games like these help to shape. Self has been preaching defense from the beginning as usual and this will be another opportunity to adjust to the new rules and teach a young team what it takes on the defensive end. This is a group with a very high ceiling on both ends of the floor and every game is another chance to see that develop.

Rock Chalk and enjoy the game.