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Weird Wednesday

The first installment of our weekly look around the hilarity and absurdity of life.

Just a brief preface before we get started.  I'd like to thank everyone who submitted links. We have a wide variety of oddities today, from the criminally stupid, to the oblivious show-off, to the historically strange, to the  heart-warmingly odd.  As we get more submissions from week to week, the rankings will get bigger, and we can include more categories. Enjoy!

I didn't get enough stuff that was similar to really be able to rank them against each other, so this week I'm going to give each one a stupidity factor and an incredulity factor (on a scale of 1 to 10)

Craigslist ad offers diamond wedding ring for Chiefs-Broncos tickets -

Incredulity - 8

I honestly can't believe any woman would willingly up her wedding set for tickets to a sporting event.

Stupidity - 9

Definitely on the stupid side. I understand wanting to be nice to your husband, but her wedding ring?  Still, that man sure is lucky!

Video: James Young of Kentucky Wildcats' wild shot Montevallo Falcons - ESPN

Incredulity - 5

Strangely, I've seen enough crazy shots that I'm not at all surprised by stiff like this anymore. It only rates this high on difficulty.

Stupidity - 2

I mean, I get you shouldn't throw any ball towards your own hoop, but when you frantically dive out of bounds to save the ball, do you really have time to aim?

California High School Under Attack For Its "Arab" Mascot

Incredulity - 8

I mean really? To think that anyone would be okay with you making your mascot an entire ethnic group would seem to indicate they are borderline daft.

Stupidity - 9

Then they follow it up with a cartoon  villain as the actual mascot? They might have at least gotten away with making the mascot the horse breed.

Video: Bears Fan Tasers His Packers-Fan Wife To Settle A Bet

Incredulity - 7

Stupid bets are the norm when it comes to sports, but I can't imagine agreeing to multiple shocks

Stupidity - 9

Only an idiot thinks two free taser hits aren't enough and tries to steal a third. From his wife. In a state where tasers are illegal.

San Francisco to Transform Into Gotham for Boy's Batman Make-a-Wish | ABC News Blogs - Yahoo H/T gatorhawk

Incredulity - 8

I'm really surprised that they were able to pull this off and get so many people to help.

Stupidity - 1

This isn't stupid, this is awesome!

ESPN Wall Kid GIF H/T fizzle406

Incredulity - 2

These types of things happen all the time. Don't usually get them on live TV, but still fairly common.

Stupidity - 4

Kind of stupid, but who doesn't look ridiculous when trying to show off to no one in particular?

Routine Bigfoot Hunt in Oklahoma Ends With 3 Arrests, 1 Person Shot H/T mikeville

Incredulity - 4

Hunting accidents happen all the time. Bigfoot hunting accidents, not as much.

Stupidity - 9

So the shooting is stupid enough. But then add all the extra lies and other various shenanigans, and a simple accident turns into lots of criminal charges.

George S. Patton (Yes, That One) Was a Modern Pentathlete | Playbook | H/T Jayhawks4Eva

Not even going to rank this one. It was interesting to see the differences between the events of that time frame and now, but really just more of an oddity piece.

And last, needing no ranking, is the strangest (and tastiest) link of the week.

Kansas State giving away free bacon at basketball game?

Too bad you have to go to Manhattan to get free bacon.