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Kansas Basketball Recruiting Update: Jahlil Okafor, Tyus Jones and Cliff Alexander Schedule Announcements

Kansas Basketball Recruiting Update: Jahlil Okafor, Tyus Jones and Cliff Alexander Schedule Announcements

Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The date and time is set.  This Friday, Novermber 15th, three of the top five recruits in the nation will announce their college intentions at the same time at separate press conferences.  What is the one school that all three have in common...Kansas.

That's the scary thing here if you're a Jayhawk fan.  Kansas isn't likely to get all three of these players, but it is also looking very likely that Kansas could end up with none of the above.  After Cliff Alexander looked like a Kansas lock just a short while ago, things seem to have cooled.  Granted this is all internet speculation and second hand cannon fodder, but the prevailing thought at this point in time seems to place Alexander elsewhere after Kansas potentially cooled on him late.  Some of that doesn't make sense considering Alexander was in Lawrence this past weekend, but the fact that Kansas did not conduct a late in home visit seems to have furthered the notion that the Jayhawks and Alexander have cooled on eachother.

So what about Okafor and Jones?  This is the one that no one seems to sure about other than the fact that Kansas and Duke are the clear final two.  Last night the announcements of the announcements were made and scheduled at and for the same time.  There was also a quote from Okafor's dad stating that Alexander and Okafor would not be at the same school and an ESPN source stating that Okafor and Jones are in fact going to be announcing for the same school as has long been suggested.

The comment from Okafor's dad has led to wide speculation among the Kansas fanbase that these two are Duke bound.  Okafor's dad is not believed to have knowledge of Alexander's choice, so by saying they won't be at the same school that would mean Okafor isn't planning on going to Kansas where that might be an option.  Now this quote was later retracted, but once something is out there it's going to be analyzed, broken down and taken as truth.

If you're a pessimist it would be very easy to talk yourself into Kansas getting none of the above come Friday.  If you're an optimist you're probably telling yourself that Kansas is hot right now and Bill Self is going to reel in at least one of these players.  Right now there appears to be plenty of both to go around among the Kansas fanbase.  The good news is that Kansas has a loaded roster right now, Kelly Ourbre in the fold and the opportunity to add more pieces in the spring.  If the Jayhawks land any one of these three players they will be in the mix for playing time immediately and either big could very likely work heavily into the rotation.  It's an enviable position to be in.  Of course as a fan and a program you always want to add the best talent possible so we'll just have to wait and see on Friday.