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The Friday Five

We already have a links post up but when I pick an alliterative theme I stick to it

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

1. CBS's Top 10 Frontcourts

The relevant info is that Kentucky was 1 and Kansas was 2. Also Wiggins was listed as a frontcourt guy, which is fine. I think he'll play a lot of time in the front court or posting up or what have you, but I also think he'll guard guards pretty much 100% of the time, so it's a weird distinction to draw. Either way, I don't think anyone is all that close to Kansas, especially when you put Wiggins in as a front court guy. Randle is great, everyone else strikes me as a little overrated, especially defensively. Unless this was supposed to be best offensive frontcourts, in which case it could be Kentucky.

2. Wiggins fever hits TSN with every Kansas game

Some are going to be on TSN2 and some won't be live, but rather same day tape delay, but regardless this is huge for Kansas recruiting. Canada is an emerging hotbed recruiting wise, and while obviously a lot of Canadians have gone to play other places, Andrew Wiggins is the guy for a lot of young kids growing up in Canada. Being able to watch Wiggins, and see the atmosphere at KU, every week could really open up a bit of a recruiting pipeline to Canada and help establish KU as the premier destination for those kids. Bill Self doesn't need much help, especially lately, but it's nice to know that he can walk into a house in Toronto and say "hey I'm the guy who coached Andrew Wiggins."

3. Taking Stock of a Pile of Crap

Burnt Orange Nation takes a gander at the KU football team for this weekend. Let's make a pact that we will all remind each other to not drink the kool aid this summer no matter what comes out of the camp

4. Cliff Alexander Eliminates Michigan State

No matter what he seems to say about Memphis or DePaul or whomever else, right now it looks like a battle between Illinois and Kansas. I think he's pretty solidly a Kansas lean, especially given what some people connected to Illinois and the Big 10 have said, but anything can happen. He's widely regarded as the second best big man in the class.

5. Andrew Wiggins with Jay Bilas

There's a story below about Wiggins leaving early and blah blah blah but the video feature is pretty cool as well. It was great to hear him talk about how the bond that KU's teammates have with each other influenced his decision so much.