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Kansas Jayhawks vs Texas Tech Red Raiders Matchup Notes

Some quick notes on the matchup between the Jayhawks and Red Raiders.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into the game tomorrow, the numbers don't look too promising for us Jayhawk fans.  Kansas (2-1) is coming off a bye week where head coach Charlie Weis has reportedly made multiple adjustments on the offensive side of the ball.  The depth chart has been switched up a little for the second game in a row and it has been reported that some new wrinkles on offense have been added.  Hopefully the gameplan produces at the minimum a competent offensive performance and a competitive game.


The Jayhawks are 98th in the nation in total offense through their first three games, averaging 352 yards per game.  The passing game is averaging 186 yards/game, 103rd in the nation.  On the ground, an expected strength coming into the season, Kansas is averaging 166 yards a game.  Explosiveness has been lacking on the offensive side of the ball, the Jayhawks have only had two plays that gained 30 or more yards through the first three games.

The Red Raiders are 11th in the nation in total offense, averaging 521 yards/game.  On the ground, they are averaging 112.5 yards (105th) and in the air they are averaging 408.5 yards a game (3rd).  Up to this point in the season, the Kansas pass defense has been solid but this will be a legitimate test for Dave Campo's defense.  To give an idea in the difference between the explosiveness of the two teams, Texas Tech has had 14 plays go for 30 or more yards.


The Kansas defense has been an overall positive this season.  They've created a few turnovers, defended passes well, and caused some pressure for opposing quarterbacks.  None of those things happened consistently last season, so this is progress.  Overall, the defense is 48th in the nation allowing 366 yards a game.  In pass yards allowed, the defense is 20th and allowing 178 yards/game.  The rushing defense has not been as strong, giving up 188 yards/game which puts them at 91st in the nation.

The Red Raiders defense has been impressive at times and they've probably faced a little better competition so far this season but they are behind us by 3 spots in total defense, giving up almost 372 yards a game.  They're #32 in rushing yards allowed (121 yards/game) and #86 in pass yards allowed (250 yards/game).