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Kansas vs. Pitt St. Open Game Thread

Kansas vs. Pitt St. Open Game Thread

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Sure it's just an exhibition game, but thank god it's something besides football. Yep, I said it, and while I'm not proud of it it's reality. Kansas football has become almost unbearable, but thankfully we have Bill Self and Kansas basketball helping us turn the page. I'll to hope for the best with regards to Charlie Weis and the Jayhawk football team, but at this point we need something to be proud of and Kansas Jayhawk basketball has always been that thing.

Andrew Wiggins, Perry Ellis a host of talented freshman, a big body transfer, athletes all over the court, this is going to be a fun thing to watch develop.

Television Viewing Information (It got complicated folks)

Game tips at 7pm. Should be fun to see the new team play against someone besides themselves. Two short weeks until Duke.