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Baylor Bears defeat the Kansas Jayhawks, 59-14

Baylor came to Lawrence and did what they do. A quick look back at the game before turning the page and starting to think about Texas.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

After a game plays out almost exactly like expected, it's pretty tough to do much of a recap.  Baylor's offense has been was again last night extremely good.  The Bears built a lead of 45-0 in the 3rd quarter before the Jayhawks scored their first touchdown on a Brandon Bourbon run of 22 yards.  Bryce Petty completed 20 of his 32 passes for 430 yards.  Running back Lache Seastrunk gained 109 yards on 13 carries, Shock Linwood gained 106 yards on 9 carries, and the Bears had three other players average 5 yards a carry.  Their routes on the passing game are ran with amazing precision which allows Petty to throw to spots based on his read of the defense.  The Bears line gave him time to get a read and get rid of the ball cleanly.

As for the Jayhawks, little worked on either side of the ball.  The passing game struggled early, with Heaps and Cozart both struggling to make accurate throws.  Multiple throws by both guys were so off target that neither the receiver or defender even had a chance at making a play on the ball.  The run game struggled to get going except for a drive late in the first quarter.  After hearing about the ball-control game plan all week, Charlie Weis threw us a curveball as the offense ran 10 pass plays to only 4 running plays on the first four possessions of the game, gaining only 11 yards total and eating up very little time off the clock.  In his postgame interview, Weis said they wanted to try to force Baylor's safeties from playing up.  The fifth drive featured the run game and gained 46 yards before being stopped on a 4th and 1.

The offense was more productive in the second half, getting a couple of scores and adding some yards to the total but the results had little impact on this particular game.  As we start to look ahead to the rest of the season, we still have a question mark at quarterback as both Jake Heaps and Montell Cozart took turns at the position with neither being very successful.  Heaps ended the game 7/19 for 85 yards while Cozart was 4/14 for 69 yards.  In a game like this, it would have been nice to see Cozart play more often.  Seeing Heaps at quarterback brought this great comment from "I need more Esteban" in the game thread:

oh well, at least we get a chance to see what Heaps can do at QB

From last night and the post-game presser, those hoping to see a full switch to Cozart will have to be patient because it does not appear to be the plan.  Weis mentioned that both guys will need to be prepared each week.

On a lighter note, this gif from sums up KU football pretty well at the moment.