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The Friday Five

I couldn't figure out the clip tool to get a links post going and I am home sick from work, so here are 5 stories around Jayhawk land that will provide us with our discussion for the day

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

1. College Basketball Talk Posts their top 20 big men. Joel Embiid, but no Perry Ellis

I predict, pretty vehemently, that all of these people leaving Perry Ellis off their "best player at their position" lists are going to look pretty stupid by the end of the year. Granted you can't exactly have everybody listed on every list, but Elis has shown the ability to both get to the rim and make a jumper. He can also put the ball on the floor fairly well for a big man and now that he has adjusted to the speed of the game I think his shooting percentage will skyrocket. He also is a very underrated defender, something that gets overlooked.

2. Andrew Wiggins: Mr. GQ

The headline on the story asks if Wiggins is the next LeBron, and at this point it seems like there's no way his play this year won't disappoint the people from GQ, or  Sports Illustrated, or writers on blogs and websites who don't really get basketball. But i think it's just as easy to predict that NBA scouts and GMs, those who will still have their jobs in 5 years anyways, will come away loving Wiggins.

3. Grantland on Baylor's Offense

This is what we have to look forward to this weekend. My favorite quote is this one from Art Briles:

"We do not try to go to the body to set up the knockout shot," Briles said at a recent coaching clinic. "We try to score on every snap."

is there any chance that Texas doesn't contact Briles at the end of the season?

4. Joel Embiid a star in the making

Andrew Wiggins is obviously the golden child of this recruiting class, but I have said more than a few times that Joel Embiid has the highest ceiling of anyone on the roster. Nothing against Wiggins, of course, but it's easier to find small forwards than 7 footers who can defend, score over both shoulders, handle the ball, and shoot jumpers.

5. Weis says Cozart is going to see more playing time

We'll see what happens here. I still think burning Cozart's redshirt is a stupid idea. Even though it isn't the way to beat Baylor, I don't think it's going to happen anyways and so I think it's a good idea for the staff to let Cozart throw the ball around a bit. If they want to see what they have in him, let's see what they have in him. Don't go halfway. And, as an addendum, please go for it on 4th and 1 this week, Charlie.