Game 5 - @ TCU - The View From My Couch

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*Ed. Note: I don't have the energy to go through a recap again. Mikeville covers the game well. -Warden

They say there's no such thing as a moral victory in football. Well, this sure feels like one. In a way, my prediction from last week's "View" was correct. I said, " Look for Kansas to maybe get in field goal range a couple of times. Maybe." And, Lo and Behold, that's what happened. KU's offense got us in range for a field goal... what, twice? This game was close solely because of the play of the defense. But we'll get to that.


Looks like a light crowd in Fort Worth. Whaddya expect, though, I'm sure their fans aren't expecting much more competition from us than Southeastern Louisiana gave them a couple weeks ago. Meanwhile, back in Overland Park, things are good with mikeville as we sit down with our Oklahoma Joe's and TV remote.

First Quarter:

Run, James, RUN!! Why haven't we been doing this all year? Oh wait... yep, there's the punter. That didn't take long. Then... an interception!! Last week's game vs Texas Tech immediately comes to mind as the offense doesn't move and we settle for a 3-0 lead. Aaaaaand there goes TCU right back down the field. The teams exchange punts, and we end the first quarter at Kansas 3, TCU 7.

Second Quarter:

Kansas defense continues to fly around. Missing a few tackles, yes. TCU receivers are assisting by dropping a few passes as well. TCU kicks a FG. Big play on play action to Andrew Turzilli! We've been calling for this for a month now! But Turzilli gets injured on the play. Then Jake Heaps turns it over in the red zone. Although, if I'm the official scorer, that INT goes on Justin McCay. What has he been doing all year, anyway? I digress. Suddenly JaCorey Shepherd is in the end zone! Yeah! Tie game! After the kickoff, TCU fumbles again! Yeah! The offense can't do anything with it, however, and the teams exchange punts several times to take us to halftime, knotted up at 10.

Halftime thoughts:

The defense is playing well. The way the offense is playing, Pardula has a chance to be the MVP or the Goat. Honestly, the offense is playing about as well as could be expected. We all know and respect that TCU has a great defense. (It will be interesting to see what happens when they meet up with Baylor.) Kansas had four first downs in the first half, and is tied. I'll take that. I'm expecting the Kansas defense to wear out and start giving up points in the second half, however.

Third Quarter:

Umm... what was that? Dude just blew through two KU defenders and went 75 yards for a TD. I didnt' think my second half prediction would come soon THIS quickly. Great, now Sims fumbles on a play where we were actually gaining positive yards. A few plays later, TCU is suddenly up two scores. TCU muffs a KU punt, and the offense finally punches in a TD to bring us back within one score. End of the quarter, Kansas 17, TCU 24.

Fourth Quarter:

Punters are having a field day. Teams exchange a few punts until TCU begins running clock, and thus, moving the ball. TCU takes a commanding 10 point lead with less than five minutes left. The Kansas defense has been great, forcing five turnovers, but the offense hasn't done much, and have given the ball back to TCU twice. Once again, Kansas cannot move the ball, TCU takes over on runs, and runs out the clock.

Final, Kansas 17, TCU 27

Some stats:
Kansas finishes with 7 total first downs, four in the first half, one in the fourth quarter.

2 of 15 on third downs.

198 yards of total offense.

10 punts.

I might add, TCU's best corner, Jason Verrett, was out, injured somehow, at some point during the second half. He was not on the field in the fourth quarter.

Offense: Jake Heaps was... not good. He threw a couple of nice balls, but for every good, on the money throw, he had two or even three just terrible throws - over the receiver, behind the receiver, etc. James Sims ran hard... I like that guy. Keep giving him the rock. I think a ball control offense is the best way to keep games close and give ourselves a shot in the fourth quarter. And that's about all you can ask of this team at this point. There were a couple drops, I can remember one for Justin McCay (which turned into an INT) and one for Jimmay Mundine.

Defense: Played hard. Also played a lot. Lots of three and outs by the offense kept the defense on the field. They did get five turnovers. Had several sacks. Also gave up some yards, especially rushing yards to Trevone Boykin, the TCU QB.

Special Teams: Not much to talk about here, which is a good thing. Connor Embree muffed a punt, but fell on it. Trevor Pardula did what he does. Matthew Wyman missed a 51 yard field goal toward the end of the third quarter that clanked off the crossbar.

Overall, since I was expecting a 45-6 game, I suppose you could say I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. Even with the Texas beatdown of Oklahoma today, it doesn't change my thought process for next week when the Sooners roll into town. If anything, they'll be more pissed, and will put up 70 on us instead of just 50.

I dunno if there's anything Kansas can take away from this game. The defense isn't going to pick up five turnovers every game the rest of the year. They just aren't. The offense has to figure something out. All game long, all I heard from the TV commentators was how "off" Jake Heaps was, and how bad the O-Line was getting beat. If we're going to pick up a win at any point the rest of the year, those two things have to improve, and probably improve dramatically.

Stay tuned next week for The View From Section 4 - assuming I don't wimp out and sell my tickets to a local OU fan.

Stay strong, Rock Chalk brothers (and sisters), and Rock On!