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Kansas vs. Iowa State Open Game Thread: 1.9.13

Kansas vs. Iowa State Open Game Thread: 1.9.13

Jamie Squire

Remember being "In the mix for six"? Yep that was a few season ago when RCT really started to ramp up a bit from a three four person household to a small multi-unit community. At the time that seemed like such an amazing achievement, and it was. Here we are three season later after making it eight straight and we're getting ready for a run at nine. Not sure I have some great slogan that rhymes, although I heard Eminem is making a comeback and he seems to have a knack for making un-rhyming words rhyme so maybe he can help.

Iowa State tonight, in the Fieldhouse, a pair of good offenses, but only one side has a solid defense as well and that's the good guys. These things can be funny though so we shall see. Early tip, 6pm CST...Enjoy!