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Kansas Football Recruiting 2013: What to do with Three Remaining Scholarships?

Kansas has addressed several key needs with their 2013 recruiting class so far. With just three spots remaining, where does Kansas go for the final three prospects?


Charlie Weis and Kansas have done perhaps the best job of filling out a Jayhawk recruiting class this early of anyone in recent memory. The fact that Kansas has signed one of the best junior college classes already and still has more on the table speaks to the potential that this group has. At the end of the day it's a long uphill climb, but this staff certainly appears to be on the right track to get better in a hurry if the pieces fall in place.

To date Kansas has 24 commitments, 9 of those are signed and heading to campus this spring to compete during the upcoming spring season. Seven of the remaining 15 are also junior college players with the remaining 8 coming from the high school ranks. The position signings break out as follows:

QB: 2 (HS)

TE: 1 (HS)

OL: 1 (HS) 3 (JUCO)

WR: 1 (HS) 2 (JUCO)


LB: 2 (HS) 2 (JUCO)

DB: 1 (HS) 4 (JUCO)

K: 1 (JUCO)

That should leave Kansas with three spots remaining, 25 total for this year and 2 to count back to last year. So where do you go if you're Charlie Weis and the Jayhawks? Reeve Koehler obviously has a spot if he wants it. That's one offensive line prospect and Kansas is still pursuing junior college offensive lineman as well. Is Kansas prepared to take two offensive lineman still? What do you do with the third? If you're Charlie Weis what positions are you going after at this point or are you just going best available? What three spots ideally round out this class?