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Clint Bowen Takes Over Linebacker Coaching Duties

Clint Bowen Takes Over Linebacker Coaching Duties


A small shakeup to the Jayhawk coaching staff was announced today as linebackers coach Demontie Cross has left the program to pursue and opportunity with TCU. That has allowed Charlie Weis to move former safeties coach Clint Bowen to linebacker duties, a position he held while at Western Kentucky.

Obviously Bowen's history with the program is pretty well established and his commitment as a Jayhawk really can't be questioned. At the same time Cross did seem to do some good things with the linebackers this year. The question surrounding that is how much of that was Cross, how much of that was scheme and how much of that was the complete overhaul in the program.

Despite those gains, linebacker is far from a sure thing heading into next season and that is why the staff recruited this spot heavily at the junior college level. Kansas has two high profile junior college players arriving that are expected to compete early on for playing time and despite the change both have reportedly reaffirmed their commitment to Kansas per

Honestly I think that was probably to be expected. Yes positional coaches play a role in landing a recruit and they can play a very sizable role at times. In this instance, with this class and what Charlie Weis has put together, I just don't think that was the case with this group. They wanted to have the opportunity to play and be a part of potentially building something at Kansas.