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Defensive Tackle Ty McKinney Will Enroll At Kansas In January

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Kansas has been waiting on the final word regarding junior college defensive tackle transfer Ty McKinney and there is now a resolution. After a delayed arrival that had been pushed back to as late as September 7th, it appears that both sides feel a January enrollment will be the best situation at this point.

For Kansas the defensive line rotation during week one might have been a big determining factor in not pushing McKinney through his educational delay. At this point McKinney is a month behind everyone else, unless he's an absolute beast that is a pretty big deficit to overcome. Kansas had a solid showing on the interior of the defensive line and this allows McKinney ample opportunity to get his business finalized before reporting in the spring.

This in effect has negligible impact on what McKinney can bring to the Kansas program as he was coming to campus with three years to play two. Now this year basically becomes a redshirt season and he'll have two years to play two upon arrival in January.

Personally I think it's a good move. I like what we have on the roster, yes it could be better, but I'm not convinced that rushing McKinney into action would have done anything to dramatically improve an already improving group. Now we know what we're working with at the position and we'll continue to watch hoping that we see continued progress.