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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week Four

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Ranking the Big 12 teams top to bottom after week four.

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Week four was huge for a pair of teams and gives us a pretty clear cut favorite heading into the bulk of Big 12 play. There are still four primary contenders in my mind, but Kansas State jumped out to an early lead. Texas and West Virginia have looked the part with the Longhorns looking like they might be on the cusp of turning a corner. If both teams can avoid a slip up next weekend, the October 6th matchup should give us two clearly defined leaders as one of those teams will step right in line with Kansas State.


1. Kansas State

How They Fared: 24-19 win over Oklahoma

Next Up: Bye

Previous Ranking #4

Bill Snyder took his team into Norman and won in impressive fashion. The Wildcats dictated the game for the most part and while the score differential was only five, it sure felt like a more comfortable win for Kansas State. As of today this is clearly our frontrunner heading into Big 12 play. They have the most impressive win, they have handled business on a weekly basis, and there isn't another coach in the league that I'd take over Snyder. Now that isn't to say that they won't falter, the schedule is tough and Texas or WVU might have something to say about this, but right now it's K-State at the top of the Big 12.


2. West Virginia

How They Fared: 31-21 win over Maryland

Who's Next: Baylor

Previous Ranking #1

I suppose you have to give credit for the Maryland win even though I'm not sold on it being a great win. The real test will come this week as WVU plays their inagural Big 12 game against a now ranked Baylor team that is coming off of a road win against a tough ULM team. Both of these teams like to score, so it should be an entertaining game to say the least.


3. Texas

How They Fared: Bye

Up Next: Oklahoma State

Previous Ranking #2

The Longhorns were off last week and they'll drop only by virtue of the leap made by Kansas State. Texas seems to have a lot of their issues from the last two years fixed, we'll see how they handle a game in Stillwater. Hopefully they don't stumble because that game in Austin between WVU and Texas is shaping up to be a huge one.


4. Baylor

How They Fared: 47-42 win over ULM

Who's Next: WVU

Previous Rankin: #3

Baylor managed a win in a hostile environment against Louisiana Monroe? That might not sound all that impressive at first but this ULM team is a solid group and they have some very interesting wrinkles working in their offense. They beat Arkansas, nearly knocked off Auburn and Baylor had to come from behind. It's a good win for Baylor, the biggest question mark is on the defensive side of the ball. That is going to be tested big time this week.


5. TCU

How They Fared: 27-7 win over Virginia

Next Up: SMU

Previous Ranking #8

PNC looked like a better team than they did a week ago against the Jayhawks. The defense is tough, the offense can provide some support. Everyone will be anxious to see this team against some of the higher caliber Big 12 teams, but based on this weekend they look like a team that should be able to compete with almost everyone.


6. Oklahoma

How They Fared: 24-19 loss to Kansas State

Who's Next: Bye

Previous Ranking #5

Sooners lose one at home to Kansas State. The only part that's unsettling is losing at home in a big game like this. K-State is certainly a worthy opponent, but if you're going to be considered a top flight program in any given year, you have to win that game. Big game Bob misses again.


7. Iowa State

How They Fared: Bye

Up Next: Texas Tech

Previous Ranking #9

I'm doing it! They were off last week but I regretted placing the Cyclones at no. 9 in my poll all week and most of you seemed to agree. Now they'll meet their first stiff test this week against Texas Tech so they either validate this move or fall back down the charts depending on the results. It's hard not to pull for these guys a little bit.


8. Oklahoma State

How They Fared: Bye

Up Next: Texas

Previous Ranking #6

Cowboys have a lot going on but they get a shot at Texas at home coming off a bye week so that's a HUGE opportunity. We'll see if they can get it done and restore some confidence to a somewhat shaky season.


9. Texas Tech

How They Fared: Bye

Next Up: Iowa State

Previous Ranking #8

Tech was off, I dropped them a spot with the Iowa State movement but both teams will have a chance to prove me wrong or potentially right this week when they play head to head. Why is this a program that has the opposite effect of Iowa State on me? With the Cyclones I want to rank them higher, with Tech they feel a little under the radar and I want to rank them lower.


10. Kansas

How They Fared: 30-23 loss to NIU

Up Next: Bye

Previous Ranking #10

Kansas is going to have a hard time getting up off the mat after this one. The Jayhawk woes continue with a late failure in Dekalb and now they have to get ready to play Kansas State in two weeks and that could get ugly.