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Kansas Vs. Northern Illinois: Postgame Quotes


Following the loss to Northern Illinois, Kansas head coach Charlie Weis met with the media. Obviously he's starting to sense some of the frustration that exists with the fans. While he doesn't address it completely, I do still think this is Dayne Crist or bust in Charlie's mind, but surely he has to have a little doubt after some of the pretty horrid misses that he'll get to relive on film from Saturday.

Kansas Head Coach Charlie Weis

Overall thoughts on the game...

I'm really disappointed. For the second time this year, you have a two score lead in the second half and you can't get over that hurdle. Granted, their next touchdown was a little bit of a broken play where the quarterback's bobbling it and everyone is trying to go in there to make the play. Still, at the end of the day, you have a two score lead that turns into a one score lead and you don't make enough plays on offense, you don't make enough plays on defense and that's how the game ends up.

On why he felt Kansas had so much success with the Wildcat...

They were sound the first couple games, against Iowa and Tennessee-Martin in the run game, but they really struggled last week against Army. We just felt that the Wildcat was going to give us a chance to move the ball.

On Kansas possibly feeling a sense of panic after NIU's big one play touchdown after the pick six...

No, I didn't sense that. It's interesting that you point that time out because that's a critical time in the game offensively. That's a critical time where they just made a big play to cut it to a one score game, and you've got to get something going. That's not what happened. We got blown up in a couple of runs where we were calling some of our favorite runs and losing a couple of yards.

On his assessment of quarterback Dayne Crist's game...

I wait until I watch it tomorrow. I don't assess it on game day. I think that you can make irrational comments. I do know that there are some throws that he'd like to have back that I'd expect him to make. That I do know.