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Kansas Basketball Tops Switzerland Again, 83-79

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Two days ago Kansas almost gave away a big lead to the Swiss, but yesterday they showed off their comeback chops that became famous in March, overcoming a four point deficit with 3 minutes left and turning it around to clinch a 4 point victory of their own.

The offense was much better in this one (though still a work in progress), scoring 1.08 points per possession, and they also had more assists than turnovers! (17 to 16 but stil wooooo celebration!). They also got the hang of the gym and the rims a bit more, shooting 5-11 from three. Defensively the Jayhawks allowed the Swiss 1.03 points per possession, and also allowed them to shoot 64% from two, something that will definitely be worked on.

The Good:

  • Through two games Andrew White is KU's leading scorer. The Freshman had 16 points and was 4-6 from two, 2-3 from three and also had a game high 3 steals.
  • Kevin Young keeps doing good things: He was 6-7 from the floor and grabbed 5 boards. If he can guard anyone or play passable team defense he will be seeing a lot of minutes this year. He also looked incredibly good in the video I linked below.
  • Elijah struggled from the field, going 4-10 from two and 2-6 from three, but he earns a slot on the good side here because, again, someone has to shoot, and he had 4 assists and just 1 turnover.
  • I'm not sure where to put Jeff Withey. On one hand he went 2-9 from the floor, but he also had 10 rebounds, 3 blocks and made all 6 of his free throws.
  • Naadir Tharpe had a nice bounceback game, nailing a three and dishing three assists while turning it over only once in 22 minutes
  • Perry Ellis and Zach Peters, again, seem to have a bit of a hold on the big man minutes for now with Ellis going for 9 and 6 and Peters 7 and 5
The bad:
  • Ben McLemore: 5 minutes played. Zero shots attempted. One nagging groin injury.
  • Releford only had 2 points and had 4 fouls and turned it over 4 times.
  • Traylor, Lucas and Wesley didn't see much playing time, and unless Self is giving Peters a ton of minutes before he has to redshirt him, I would bet that Lucas gets redshirted.
Kansas next plays in Paris on Saturday. For some video courtesy of, click here.