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Rock Chalk Talk Preseason BlogPoll Ballot

We're kicking off another year of the blogpoll and as per the usual protocol I'll be posting my ballot, followed by the results. Here's my initial stab at things. As many of you probably remember, I'm a bit of a gut reaction type of person at the start. Truth be told I think we should start these things in week 3, 4 or even 5, but because we don't, here's my ballot.

Friendly Big 12 bump for West Virginia, I'm giving Alabama the nod for now because USC is very young and LSU obviously has some things going on internally that could be a bit of a distraction. I'm curious to see where the line of separation is this year. Last year we had two teams that appeared to be at the top tier and obvious participants in the final game. I could see this year going four deep, maybe more. If I had to call it right now I think the dropoff starts at Oregon, but at this point it's anybody's guess.