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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 8.28.12

Kansas Football

Kansas OL Gavin Howard ‘has stepped up’ |
looks like Howard might have made enough noise to earn a start. Depth chart later today.

Verdict coming for KU's offensive line |
More than 90 percent of this depth chart was done a week ago, and although coach Charlie Weis planned to wait before announcing his decisions to the team, players still locked in position battles generally knew who they were.

Lonie Paxton release biggest surprise among Broncos' 13 roster moves | First-and-Orange — The Denver Post
Steven Johnson is still on the Denver roster after a round of cuts yesterday. He played well on Sunday including two stops at the goaline against the 49ers.

Kansas Basketball

College Football

Backup Kansas State QB Tavarius Bender leaves program - NCAA Football -
A pretty big blow to the future. Looks like Kansas State will have to go the JUCO route once again.

NCAA College Football BCS Bowl Projections - Preseason - ESPN
Hate to break it to you, we aren't included.