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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 8.16.12

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Kansas Football

Weis hiring seen as a bit risky by analyst |
"I’ve covered Charlie a lot and I do think Charlie has a great offensive mind," Cunningham said. "I have not seen him as a top-tier head coach yet at the college level. But I do understand the allure and I do understand there is value in name recognition."

KU newcomers adjusting to new roles |
"Yes, sir. It was age 7," he said. "My dad had me running in a trash bag outside, trying to get in shape and cut weight for pee-wee football. He’s been on me like that ever since."

College football -- Bob Davie and Charlie Weis prepare for Act II - ESPN
"Just seeing -- and I'm not saying I'm Bill Snyder or saying I can ever do a job like he's done or be the coach that he is -- but just going around the country seeing different programs, to see what Bill Snyder has brought to a Kansas State, for example, is something to me that's tremendously rewarding and tremendously fulfilling, to try to do something like that,"


Ex-KU QB Webb to start for Colorado |
I'd say it will be interesting to see how Webb does with real coaching, but the jury is still out as to whether or not CU has a staff any different than Turner Gill. Either way Webb is healthy and he beat out Connor Wood so I'll be keeping an eye on things. Hopefully he does well.