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What To Make Of The Latest Offensive Line Changes

Protecting no. 10 will be priority no. 1 when Kansas kicks off the 2012 season.
Protecting no. 10 will be priority no. 1 when Kansas kicks off the 2012 season.

Saturday at the open practice right tackle Riley Spencer was not dressed and did not participate. This morning it is being reported that he continues to watch from the sidelines and while we don't have any official word the team is moving forward with an offensive line that has had to adjust accordingly.

When camp started Riley Spencer was the starting right tackle with Aslam Sterling OR Bryan Peters listed as potential backups. The physical stature of Sterling proved to be quite newsworthy but just a short time later he doesn't seem to be quite ready to step in despite the injury to the initial starter.

Gavin Howard has shifted from right guard to the right tackle position with Randall Dent taking control of the right guard spot at the moment. Howard was in the conversation last year at tackle so the move doesn't come as a complete surprise but Dent's introduction into the first team guard spot on the two deep could be viewed as either a positive or a negative depending on the perspective you choose to take.

In the past Dent has bounced around, lacked a true home and shuffled from offense to defense and back again with little effectiveness. He was however a fairly promising prospect out of high school. Is this a situation where a player has responded to the opportunity and structure that has come with a new staff? Or are we looking at a situation where the right side of our line could be a major question mark.

The depth chart was released on the first day of camp, but the reps have been fairly fluid. This is one spot that will be important to watch over the next two weeks to see how things develop. Is the Spencer injury serious? Does Sterling push himself into the starting role? Is there another player, perhaps one of the redshirt frehman, that might step up? Or are Howard and Dent ready to anchor the right side and provide Dayne Crist and the Kansas offense the foundation to be effective?