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Big 12 Media Days: Tuesday Recap

Jul 24, 2012; Dallas, TX, USA; Kansas Jayhawks head coach Charlie Weis speaks to reporters during Big 12 Media Day at the Westin Galleria.  Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-US PRESSWIRE
Jul 24, 2012; Dallas, TX, USA; Kansas Jayhawks head coach Charlie Weis speaks to reporters during Big 12 Media Day at the Westin Galleria. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-US PRESSWIRE

The remaining five teams from the Big 12 met with the media during day two of media days in Dallas. Kansas was of course one of those teams and we've recapped the Charlie Weis Q&A. Now let's take a quick glance at the other four teams and notable quotes from their respective coaches. Click on the team name for the full transcript.

West Virginia

Head coach Dana Holgersen talks about the geographic fit of West Virginia.

then the topic comes up from what about your fan base being able to travel. Well, I say how many fans come into Morgantown, West Virginia, from the opposing team? It's usually about 4,000 people because that's all the tickets that are available.

So the days of being able to take 15-, 20,000 people to different venues are just -- those days don't exist in the Big 12 because everybody's the same way at home. Everybody packs their stadium and everybody gives the opponent about 4,000 tickets.

So my suggestion to the people of West Virginia is is to make sure you come to every home game and then pick a road game and go travel once a year.


Mack Brown talks about the quarterback position for the Longhorns.

What we have done now, we have two older guys that have been through a year with Bryan Harsin and Major Applewhite offense. They both won significant games, one against -- Case against A&M in College Station at the end of the year, David Ash in the Bowl game against Cal.

So we're coming in at a much better place this year than we were last year.

They left spring practice even. In talking to the guys last night, they've had a very competitive summer, and both of them are in the mix and we should have a great battle at that position in preseason.

Oklahoma State

Mike Gundy talks about turning the corner and staying hungry at Oklahoma State

or whatever it's been, in four years and 23 games in two years, that, to a certain extent, over that period of time that we've established ourselves as being a quality program.

Now, myself, our coaching staff, and our players understand that that's short lived if you're not willing to put the time and effort and the work in that we have over that period of time.

But from a recruiting standpoint, from a fan support, season ticket sales, selling suites, things that all factor into the success of football team, football program, athletic department, they should understand and believe that as long as we continue to work hard and do the right things, we'll have that opportunity.


Art Briles on replacing a Heisman trophy winner

How do you adjust not having the best player football in the United States of America last year at the collegiate level? That's inspiration, okay? That's the thing that inspires us. That's the thing that makes our guys come together and fight for each other and work to prove themselves, because we're in the proving business. We're not in the business of getting close and saying "maybe" and "gosh, I wish." We're in the proving business. Our job is to win football games.

So what we have to do is figure out ways to fill in the gaps, because Robert created a bunch of gaps. His ability from somebody else's is a big gap. We have to fill that in with a variety of different methods, schematically, personnel-wise and motivational-wise and inspiration-wise that will give us an opportunity to stay at the level we finished at last year.