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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 7.18.12

Kansas Athletics

Weis masters motivational art of 'button-pushing' |
One of the eye-opening bits of information that came from a recent sit-down with Kansas University football coach Charlie Weis was the fact that the man keeps a mattress and blankets in his office so he can grab some quick sleep before getting back to work without having to go home for the night.

Jayhawks’ Tharpe hopes to move past his nadir -
"You’re not just going to be able to come here and just think you’re going to be able to play," Tharpe said. "You’re going to have to know the system."

Ex-KU assistant Chuck Long taking year off |
"I’m telling people this is my red-shirt year," Long told Steve Batterson of the Quad-City Times during a recent interview in Bettendorf, Iowa, at the Legends of Iowa Football Camp. "I never had one in college, but I’m enjoying one now."


Which team is best? The Dream Team or the 2012 Olympians? -
This has been a hot topic. Thoughts?