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Who Gives You Heisman Winner Envy?

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Kansas has had some good ones over the years. John Riggins, Gale Sayers, Bobby Douglass, Todd Reesing, the list goes on. Yet no one has emerged from the University of Kansas as a Heisman Trophy winner in the history of the football program. That's not all that unusual as the number of schools boasting a Heisman winner is a pretty select crew, but what if you could pick one Heisman winner to have played at Kansas?

Who would it be? An all time historical great like Barry Sanders? A program changer like Tim Tebow? Or perhaps a player who's time and place might have been perfect for continuing a stretch of Kansas football momentum like Robert Griffin III?

I think if I were to look at this from a realistic perspective I might go the route of Robert Griffin III. At the time Kansas was fresh off an Orange Bowl appearance and a very real option for Griffin. Mangino and his staff has positioned Kansas as a potential landing spot and it would have been the highest rated quarterback recruit ever landed by Mangino during his tenure.

Reesing obviously would have likely carried Kansas through 2009 and 2010, but perhaps Griffin could have provided an option and a spark to help Kansas get over the hump and into a bowl during the 2010 campaign that ended in seven straight losses. If that happens maybe the momentum of Kansas football doesn't fizzle into the Turner Gill era and maybe it's Kansas experiencing the success that Baylor did a year ago.

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