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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 6.6.12

Kansas Athletics

KU football’s GPA jump a 'big stinkin’ deal' |
“This is one of the most incredible jumps in academic performance from a team that I’ve ever seen,”

KU picks up another commitment as Dallas cornerback taps Jayhawks |
Spencer’s score of 141.12 was the top score at the SPARQ Combine and the third best score of all time. He ran a 4.42-second 40-yard dash, a 3.87-second shuttle run and also turned in a 41.7-inch vertical jump.

Kansas, KU a hit so far for freshman Andrew White |
“I think one of the most amazing things is walking to the local stores and seeing all the Jayhawk gear. That’s a big change for me. I’m getting used to it quick,”

Taylor looks to impress during NBA workouts
"I think everybody knows I can defend, everybody knows I'm kind of fast, I'm athletic, so I think being able to run a team, make the right decisions at the right time and hit the open shots -- if I come out here and show teams I can do that, then I'll be fine,"

10 coaches who could really play, too - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
The newly appointed head coach at Tulsa will always have a long way to go to live up to his playing days, when he became one of the greatest players in the storied program's history. The list of honors is almost stunning.


Three-and-one beats top four, conference champs in playoff debate - Stewart Mandel -
Fortunately, there is a solution that should appease all sides. It's been informally dubbed the "three-and-one" model -- as in, the three highest-rated conference champions and the highest-rated at-large team. It ensures that no conference champ in the top four would get left out and guarantees a team like No. 2 Alabama in 2011 wouldn't sit home in favor of No. 10 Wisconsin. It also provides an entry point for Notre Dame and other independents.