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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 6.4.12


Kansas Athletics

Self prepares for new season under shadow of No. 2 finish in last campaign -
"But I’ll go through a day now without even thinking about that game, where as before, I couldn’t go a minute without thinking about how good (the championship) felt."

Weis’ candor draws star wideout to KU |
Mentions McKinney's arrival will be delayed. Hopefully it is only a delay because we need all the help we can get up front on defense.

Future KU PG boosts stock |
After a bit of a slump, Self seems back on track and getting players that will work well in his system.

Kansas recruit Perry Ellis nabs national player of year |
This was a pretty big deal at the end of last week.

Dave Campo can see beyond numbers |
Interesting little nugget.

Road weary: Aide Buddy Wyatt had busy winter |
Wyatt has made some sacrifices, I hope he can get the defensive line on track and maybe earn some kudos for those efforts. If he doesn't, not many will remember the things mentioned in this article.


Sprint Center to host Big 12 hoops though '16 - NCAA Basketball -
History apparently trumped geography when it came to deciding the future hosts of the Big 12 men's basketball tournament.

New Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby against pay for play - ESPN
"We should never do anything to establish an employee-employer relationship," Bowlsby said on the final day of the Big 12 meetings. "There are places you can go and play for money, but colleges and universities are not among them. This is an educational undertaking."

B1G open to compromise, favors committee - Big Ten Blog - ESPN
This much is known: the Big Ten strongly favors a selection committee to determine the playoff participants. Eliminate bogus polls. Eliminate most if not all the computer rankings. Assemble a group of senior officials with strong representation throughout college football who meet and decide the four teams.