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NBA Draft: Tyshawn Taylor Drafted 41st by Portland, traded to Brooklyn

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With the 41st pick, the Portland TrailBlazers have drafted Tyshawn Taylor. After numerous reports that the Chicago Bulls would take Tyshawn at 29, it didn't come to pass as they instead opted for Marquis Teague. Instead, Tyshawn falls to the second round where he will have to fight to make the team, but he's certainly talented to do so and I think Nets fans should be happy with getting a guy who can fill a role as well as Tyshawn.

Taylor probably doesn't have as much upside as some other guys in the draft just because he is three or four years older than a lot of the other first rounders, but because of his physical maturity and all of the responsibilities he has had in Bill Self's system I think Taylor is very NBA ready. Because he has gotten some knocks for his decision making (and deservedly so I'd have to say) his long term role in the NBA is probably a game changing combo guard off the bench. Still, Tyshawn will be a valuable player because of his instant offense factor as well as his ability to defend.

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