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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 6.21.12

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Kansas Athletics

Bradley Beal rises, Jared Sullinger falls in NBA Mock Draft 3.0 - Sam Amick -
Latest mock draft has Robinson slipping. I do think that Beal and MKG have tremendous upside. Barnes is a little more concerning. Definitely a high potential type player but he never seemed to have the drive during college. Thomas Robinson has a competitive nature second to none in my opinion.


June 19 marks 26th anniversary of the death of Maryland star Len Bias | CollegeBasketballTalk
I've always heard how good Bias was but I wasn't around or aware enough to remember it. Anybody here remember seeing him play and was he indeed MJ before MJ or Lebron before Lebron?

Kevin Durant, school pride, and the one-and-done athlete - Grantland
School pride and the one-and-done athlete.