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The Precursor To Mario's Miracle

The offseason often runs us as fans through those droughts where there isn't much going on with the actual Kansas program other than the random personnel storylines or perhaps a summer basketball scrimmage or two. Ultimately reminiscing about past games, plays and players tends to be what I find myself doing most especially this past week while watching and NBA Finals that features three former Jayhawks.

Mario Chalmers is one of those Jayhawks and without a doubt Mario's Miracle probably ranks up there as the top sports highlight for many Kansas fans. The shot and the implications of it were huge from a historical perspective and delivered Kansas the first title in 20 years.

Ask Bill Self about that shot and he'll almost instantly defer to a play right before that and a shot that was just as big. As much as Mario's Miracle has come to define the 2008 championship, Sherron Collins might have one of the most important highlights in Kansas basketball history.

The importance of that shot was pretty clear at the time and it was an absolute game changer. As a fan you went from thinking it was a long shot to believing that the Jayhawks very much had a chance. With time the shot from Chalmers has obviously reached a higher pedestal but the precursor to that miracle was Sherron's steal and three and that is one of my all time favorite Kansas Jayhawk highlights.

With that I'd defer to you. Football, basketball, baseball, even water polo. What's your favorite Kansas sports highlight. Let's give nostalgia its due on this day in June.