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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 6.14.12

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Kansas Athletics

Weis seeking solutions, not silver linings at KU |
"When you walk into a place that’s 2-10, you’re not looking for a silver lining," Weis told Harry. "You’re looking, ‘OK, what are the problems, how are we gonna fix ’em?’ You really just gotta take a grind mentality, a workmanlike approach and say, ‘OK, what do we have to do, on and off the field, to fix the problems?’ And you just start fixing the problems."

Ex-Nebraska coach Doc Sadler expected to join Self's KU staff |
I like the move. I think Sadler did well with what he had to work with and he's a defensive minded coach that can bring something to the position that Hinson vacated.

Ex-Jayhawk Julian Wright confident NBA is in his future |
"For myself, it was comforting to know I have skills and have what it takes. It’s all about hopefully getting in the right situation to show it,"


Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma City Thunder - Box Score - June 12, 2012 - ESPN
OKC the better TEAM. Wade and Bosh aren't doing enough to be considered a "Big 3" in my opinion as Lebron is THE man in Miami and shouldering the entire load and all the pressure for the most part. Also HELL of a game from Nick Collison in this one. 8 points and 10 boards showing up in the box score, but even more showing up as you watched this one...he's blue collar and damn good at it.

Big 12 would thrive in any playoff scenario - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
The knives are slowly coming out, and the gnashing of teeth has only just begun. College football looks headed straight for a four-team playoff begin

College football -- BCS meetings primer - ESPN
Could a postseason playoff plan be decided by the end of the month? Which issues are still on the table? Mark Schlabach lays out the biggest BCS questions remaining for conference commissioners and university presidents.

New rules allowing summer access benefit freshmen and coaches -- men's college basketball - ESPN
New NCAA rules are allowing players access to their coaches and teammates during the summer. It's a change that's applauded by many, and it's particularly beneficial to incoming freshmen.