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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 5.3.12

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Kansas Athletics

Weis bringing discipline, confidence to Kansas
Weis has applied discipline to Kansas, so far, and will bring much needed talent with three transfers.

Brew: The rebirth of Kansas football |
First and foremost, don’t get blown out. Winning is great, but Turner Gill didn’t get fired just because he lost. He was canned because of how he lost. Putting up a grand total of seven points and allowing more than 100 combined points in two games against Texas and Texas A&M should not be tolerated by any school in a power conference. Weis must get his team ready to play every week and must stay competitive to keep fans interested.

Notre Dame's Kelly visits Weis territory, talks KU football | Campus Corner
"Well, he’s been in the bright lights," Kelly said. "He’s been there. He’s been on that grand stage. And the thing you have to understand about Dayne, is he’s overcome incredible adversity. Two knee injuries, he’s fought back from both of them.

McCay's out, so where does that leave KU's receiving corps? | Tale of the Tait |
Count me as not concerned. Weis has talked about this being a group with some depth and a group that has impressed him. I'm good with it. McCay will hopefully be a nice addition next year.

Appeal unsuccessful: NCAA denies hardship waiver for KU WR Justin McCay |
I have mixed feelings on this. Rules are in place and everyone thinks they are unfair to the athlete. But, look at the trend in college basketball. If you were a uber-hyped recruit who went somewhere and lost momentum, it seems to be a good publicity move to just transfer create a demand and raise your profile again. Take away restrictions and this could become even more of a trend. Bad for McCay, I don't think it will change Kansas too much this year, and I suppose some regulation is good.

Big 12

AP Source: Stanford AD Bowlsby offered Big 12 commissioner job |
Some conference news.