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a few more good ones this week. Remember if you want your question answered email RCTmailbag at gmail dot com

Q: With Jeff and Kevin lacking beef and stamina, which of the youngsters will be first to develop consistent defense and rebounding? Can any of them learn help defense without excessive fouls? Might we have as many as five bigs getting ten or more minutes a game?

Will it be necessary to play with natural wings doing more than their share of the heavy lifting, or will someone get footwork and positioning down by mid-season (Jan-Feb)? How much dancing and shuffling will Andrea need to include with lifting and sprinting?

-from John R.

I think Ellis is going to be starting for sure alongside Withey, and given that he practiced second semester and got a semester of college level weight training I bet Traylor will get a lot of minutes off the bench early in the season. The rest will depend on whether Landen Lucas or Zach Peters can show more basketball ability than Wesley (almost a guarantee) or whether they can add enough pounds of muscle to overcome the experience that Wesley has that we know HCBS is a huge fan of.

I would guess that we'll see one of Peters or Lucas redshirt and we'll get Withey, Ellis, Young, Traylor, Wesley and one of those two all getting pretty decent playing time. Ten a game is probably a stretch, but I definitely think we will see almost all of those guys playing ten or more minutes in any one game. Like our guards, we don't know exactly what we have up front but we do know there is a lot of talent there and both Self and Hudy have shown the ability to take raw talent and mold it into great players.

Q: Lets say you have 24 hours to commit as many crimes as you want. There will be no prosecution, no social stigma, nothing. You can rob a bank and the teller will hand you a bag with a smile on her face and wish you a good day. What do you do on your crime spree?
The hypothetical question crazy billionaire will pay you $50,000 a year for life. The horrible snag is at one random time every year, you will crap you pants. You will really really crap your pants. Might be in a meeting, on a date, in bed, who knows. $50,000 buys a lot of Depends, is it worth it?

From Andrew F.

I certainly wouldn't go so far as to murder or anything violent, but I definitely would be heading to the bank and grabbing a ton of cash (or at least making some transfers into my bank account) as well as go to Fort Knox or wherever and grab some gold since that's always appreciating in value (/Glenn Beck'd). Other than that though I think I'd be pretty boring crime wise. Maybe steal a couple nice cars and drive them around Grand Theft Auto style.

Granted I am saying this as someone staring 80k or whatever in law school loan debt, but I'd take that no problem. I wouldn't even waste the money on the depends. If I had a decent stay at home type job when I crapped my pants wouldn't really matter, and with an extra 50k coming I could afford to take less at a stay home job.

Now that MU is gone, who is your least favorite Big 12 school not named Kansas State?

- Steve S.

Well there still is a school full of hillbillies that wears gold(ish), so screw off West Virginia.

Q: Do you have a Stanley Cup pick?

From Mike S.

Sadly my preferred NHL team, the Winnipeg Jets, didn't even make the playoffs much less this stage of the proceedings, but with just the LA Kings, New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils left, I think I have to pick the Kings given their great goaltending as well as improving production up front. I will however be cheering for the Devils as they have a pair of former Sioux in Zach Parise and Travis Zajac, though I never got to see them play. (I should note that the Kings also have a former Sioux in Matt Greene, so them winning would be just dandy as well.)