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RCT Mailbag!

a tad light on questions this week, so help a guy out and email rctmailbag at gmail dot com to get yours answered.

Q: Rank Tharpe, Adams, White and Frankamp in terms of guards you're most excited about over the next couple years.

-from Michael R.

This is an interesting question, which I will most assuredly mess up because I have only seen Tharpe play. Obviously I am a bigger Tharpe fan than anyone at RCT (I think), but I was also a bigger Tyshawn fan than anyone and you see how that turned out (/toots own horn). That said, everything about Conner Frankamp reminds me of Jeff Boschee, and that is the ultimate trump card in my book. Being 6'0" and, let's face it, white, there are going to be questions about whether he has the athleticism to get his shot off at the college level, but even if he turns into a three point shooter only his shot is so good that he will be a valuable college player with that skill alone.

Adams and White are tougher to discern between because they're two different players. Adams is more of a slasher type while White figures to be more of an outside shooter. My answer would probably be Frankamp, Tharpe, White, Adams, which I'll partially address in the next question:

Q: Look, I know you love Tharpe, but will Adams take his spot? Adams is much bigger and looks like a combo guard. Plus, Adams, White, McLemore, etc... thats a super lengthy backcourt in the future right?

- Rudy C.

I don't think Adams will take his spot, and here's why. First, when Elijah leaves I don't really see who the steady presence in the backcourt is, or the guy whose main attribute is distributing the ball. They're going to need a pass first type player in the backcourt in the next couple years, and I think that guy will be Tharpe.

Secondly, while Adams is certainly athletic and talented, there have been significant questions both about his academics (and whether he will even qualify) and his maturity. There are worse things than being an immature 18 year old, but it's also no secret that Self loves his guys and if they butt heads at all Adams could see himself plastered to the bench early. Still, if he's as talented as some people claim he is.....

Pick one bra:

1) Favorite restaurant on Mass St.

2) Favorite restaurant not on Mass St.

3) Favorite bar on Mass St.

4) Favorite bar not on Mass St.

- Trent S.

The first one is unfair because I love both the Burger Stand and Rudy's. I mean an obscene amount. I think in a pinch I would go with Burger Stand because a good burger edges out good pizza for me, and Burger Stand has a better variety of food in terms of the ability to get different kinds of fries or onion rings or what have you on the side. Still, that is a Sophie's Choice if there ever was one.

However, I suppose I could have spared you all the paragraph and just said that Burger Stand has poutine. fin.

As for not on Mass Street, there are a plethora of options that are great and really underrated, but I am partial to Biemer's BBQ, a place that I discovered embarrassingly late into the school year this year. I haven't sampled many of the sides they offer, but they give you gigantic portions of whatever you decide to get (the brisket, sausage and pork are all ridiculously good) and both the sweet & tangy and the super hot BBQ sauce are to die for. Also make sure to try the fried pickles.

Favorite bar on Mass is a tough one. I like quite a few of them, and have certainly sampled them all (finals are a stressful time, kids) and I think Louise's is the best. It is pretty divey and laid back, which I like, has cheap drinks, which I like, and there's a nice patio outside for the warm nights (which, when you're a North Dakotan living in Kansas is every night).

I hope you're ready for the biggest amount of cheating ever for the not on Mass. one, because here it is: The Sandbar is on 8th street, and actually is closer to New Hampshire than Mass, but it is right there on Mass Street and not separated from it like the Phoggy Dog or wherever. The Sandbar is also my favorite bar in Lawrence. There's cheap drinks, good looking ladies (of course, that applies to every bar in Lawrence), free popcorn and you get a toy shark if you order a shark attack. What's not to love?

Q: Let's say the over under for wins next year for the basketball team is 25.5 wins. Over or under?

- From Jeff C.

I'm going over in a landslide. Even if they play Indiana and NC State next year, the schedule will still have probably 10 free wins in the non conference schedule. Getting 15 wins out of the 18 conference games, Big 12 tourney and NCAA tourney games should be a cinch. I expect Kansas to challenge for the Big 12 crown again (and I think they'll win it to be honest) so that's probably 15 wins right there. If not, a pair of wins in both the conference and NCAA tournament should be easy enough to come by. And again, that's assuming losses against NC State and if the Indiana game happens. Those are obviously very winnable games. KU will be really young next year, but they'll also be really good and really talented.