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Kansas Basketball Recruiting: Anrio Adams Reports Qualifying Score

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What could be one of the final pieces to the Jayhawk 2012-2013 basketball team seems very close to falling into place. Anrio Adams, committed to Kansas since November, has taken to social media to report a qualifying score.

The score means that Adams has cleared one of his final hurdles in qualifying to play as a a Jayhawk and per his tweet it sounds as if he'll report to campus on June 28th. Now Adams apparently still hasn't signed a letter of intent and yesterday was the final day of the signing period. This isn't a huge concern because Adams has been committed to Kansas from the get go, it just means that we aren't likely to hear anything on Adams from coach Self.

Adams is an interesting prospect who started his high school career as one of the top players in his class. After bouncing around to various schools it was believed he would might end up being part of the 2013 class. His ranking in the 2012 class suffered and even after committing to Kansas he still flew a bit under the radar because he was believed to be a qualifying risk. Adams recently received a bump to a four star ranking and some feel like he has an even higher ceiling than his ranking might suggest.

"No question about it. Anybody who sees that kid. He has ... oh my goodness, the kid is so talented. He is gifted with the ball. He had three to four double-assist games for us. He knows how to get people the ball in the right position and knows how to score as well." - Seattle Ranier Beach HS Coach Mike Bethea

The description fits the combo guard profile that Bill Self has been extremely successful with in recent years. reports that the qualifying score for Adams means that Kansas has 12 scholarship players slated for 2012-2013. As mentioned yesterday the Jayhawks are still pursuing Milton Doyle and Demontre Harris. Obviously the Jayhawks have room for one with Harris seemingly the primary target based on need.