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Keeping Tabs On Three 2012 Kansas Basketball Recruits

Early this week Kansas hosted yet another potential player that could be added to the 2012-2013 roster. That player was 6'4" Chicago area shooting guard Milton Doyle. Doyle comes in a week after the Jayhawks hosted a potential transfer in South Carolina's Damontre Harris. Harris had originally planned to decide between Kansas and Florida this past weekend but as is often the case, these things seem to change and drag on.

Throw into the mix a current Kansas commit Anrio Adams, who is still waiting for official word on his qualifying status, and Kansas has it's eye on three players that could all have a different impact on the program. Adams is viewed as the more polished player over Doyle, but Doyle is said to be a diamond in the rough, high ceiling type of player. Harris would sit a year before joining the team in 2013, but his inside presence on the defensive end would be a welcome addition when Jeff Withey's eligibility runs out after this coming year.

Three players, limited space and another small circus late in the recruiting game for Kansas. Obviously Adams is less of a circus as his inclusion is all but assured provided he qualifies. But what about the other two? Last night Adam Zagoria tweeted that Doyle wanted to commit on his visit but Kansas told him to wait. The question is why? If Adams qualifies Kansas sits at 13 scholarship players. Is Doyle a backup plan for Adams?

Then one has to wonder where Harris fits in the plan? Does Wesley remain on scholarship? History seems to indicate that once you're on scholarship, Self tends to leave you on scholarship. Is there another transfer possible? Or could it be that Harris and Doyle are BOTH alternatives to Adams and the staff is waiting to hear final word on his recent college entrance scores?

Bill Self has and will continue to remain active on the recruiting front. Some years it has been VERY necessary to add roster depth late and things have always worked out. This year it wouldn't seem to be as critical and with three players still in active discussion with the Jayhawks, it creates an interesting dynamic. Adams, Harris and Doyle. Adams presents the easiest questions to answer. As for the other two; do they fit? Where do they fit? How do they fit and when might we find out?