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SBNation Has A YouTube Channel, Check It Out!

Morning all! In case you haven't noticed, SBNation has launched a youtube channel in the past few months. Yes, I know we've had some mixed feelings around here with regards to the 'mothership', but I think you might find some value in checking out some of the new content being created.

Whether you're looking for some humorous insight from Spencer Hall and the EDSBS crew or some analysis on the NFL Draft, they're putting it together. For me, the NCAA tournament and Final Four coverage turned me into a subscriber. Perhaps my favorite scene was this faceplant on Bourbon street, this is the stuff legends are made of. Then this past weekend the NFL draft coverage really provided a solid foundation for someone like me who isn't fully invested in the draft and only casually follows the ridiculously over-hyped NFL offseason. I've embedded the AFC West draft breakdown above so you can snag a look at how the Chiefs did in the eyes of the SBNation crew.

So there you have it, a little shameless self promotion but hey it's progress and I like it. Check it out, subscribe to it, and I'll be incorporating a little more around here when I find something funny, relevant or worthwhile that might add to the conversation during this long summer grind.