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Kansas Spring Football Outlook: Cornerback

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Depth and competition. It seems to be what every coach that shows up in Lawrence wants to do with this program. Bring a talent infusion that creates competition and depth and provides the team with options and the best chance to improve and win. Well, unfortunately this isn't the position that presents the best example of any of those things.

Spring Candidates

18 Powell, Corrigan 5-10 174 Cornerback SR (1L) Garland, Texas/Lakeview Centennial HS

Powell actually played as a true freshman under Mangino but as per the usual protocol, mess up and you sit. Powell never really reemerged with the program under Gill and now he sits as a senior with one last chance to break into a pretty thin lineup at the corner position. Obviously he showed something once upon a time, but it's been a long time since we've seen anything and it's hard to look at this as a huge piece to the puzzle.

5 Brown, Greg 5-10.5 185 Cornerback SR (3L) Cedar Hill, Texas/Cedar Hill HS

All indications are that Greg Brown will start for the Jayhawks this fall. He is athletic enough to be a solid cover corner and it will be interesting to see how he does under a new coaching staff that everyone seems to believe has a little better head on it's shoulders. Again it's impossible to look at the roster and see some tremendous turnaround, but if the everyone can be just a little bit better, the unit can prove serviceable. Guys like Greg Brown are pretty critical to that theory.

33 Patmon, Tyler 5-11 180 Cornerback JR (2L) Round Rock, Texas/Vista Ridge HS

Based on the past playing time Patmon would seem to be the other most likely candidate to start in the fall. Patmon played a considerable amount of snaps under Gill as an underclassman and now he steps into more of a leadership role with the program. His football instincts are probably his strength, but it's hard to say if he's overly talented from an athletic standpoint. At this point he's probably still the best option and he's not a bad option, he will just be stepping out of a nickel role and into a true cover corner role which will take some adjustment.

23 Linton, Dexter 5-10.5 201 Cornerback JR (1L) Arlington, Texas/James Bowie HS

Linton was a teammate of Christian Matthews in high school and when the due was recruited he seemed to be the one that many thought would be a contributor earlier on during his career. That hasn't happened and now he finds himself at corner after starting his career at safety. He's probably better built to play physical as opposed to the others but other than that we don't know much of anything about what he's capable of at a Big 12 level.

Incoming Notables

Nas Moore - 6' 190 - East Los Angeles College - JR

There is a lot of excitement surrounding Moore's potential. He has very good size, he's athletic and he was a very strong performer for his team after just switching to corner in the last year. That's the good, but it's also the bad. What was the level of competition? Can his game be polished up in enough time to make an impact this season? Plenty of questions when you bring in a junior college 'project' type player. There's no question that Moore could be huge for the depth at this position, but we'll have to wait and see.

Greg Allen - 5'11" 190 - FR

Allen was committed to Utah before switching to Kansas late. He's viewed as someone that is ready to play from an athletic and physical standpoint and certainly plenty of corners have been able to step in and play as underclassman. He'll be a good option if the staff has to dig deep into their bag of tricks due to injury or the need for a spark.

Position Synopsis

There are two players on the roster at this position with a decent amount of experience. There are only two other players on the roster this spring and two more coming this fall. It's a position that needs to be addressed in recruiting going forward but that doesn't address the issues now.

Personally I think Patmon and Brown can get the job done but it's going to take an overall improvement across the board. If the defensive line can't get any pressure, it won't matter what these guys do they can't be expected to cover all afternoon long. The thing I'm most excited about is the press coverage that Campo has talked about because I'd be much happier getting beat because we tried rather than waiting to die a slow death.