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Collin Garrett and Chris Robinson Dismissed From Kansas Football Team

Kansas football head coach Charlie Weis announced the dismissal of KU players Collin Garrett and Chris Robinson from the team here Monday afternoon. Garrett, a sophomore from Beaumont, Texas and Robinson, a redshirt freshman from Sanford, Fla., were both dismissed for a violation of team rules.

The loss of Garrett hurts from the perspective that he was a true freshman who showed a lot of promise last season while playing in three games. Fortunately Kansas does have some depth at linebacker and that will be a loss that can be absorbed. For Robinson it's an issue of depth. The loss comes at a position that was somewhat thin already and while we really don't know how well Robinson would have filled in, he was a body in the defensive backfield.

Either way, Weis obviously has his reasons and this is another example of a pretty clear shift in the mentality and discipline surrounding the program. Attrition is to be expected when a coaching change takes place and Weis and his staff will no continue to work toward changing the culture and hopefully the fortunes of Kansas football.