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Kansas Jayhawks v Kentucky Wildcats Open Game Thread

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8:21 PM CST
Where: SuperDome, New Orleans Louisiana

Welcome to Rock Chalk Talk and your open game thread for the Kansas Jayhawks vs the Kentucky Wildcats. It's a great feeling to be playing basketball on the very last possible day of the season. There are so many teams sitting at home right now wishing they had this opportunity and that makes this easy to keep in perspective. It's even more of an opportunity because no one is really giving Kansas a chance. This is the Jayhawks v the unbeatable Wildcats. David v Goliath. Let's see what we can do!

Regardless of the outcome this has been an absolute joy of a season to watch. We've seen players grow up before our eyes. We've seen this team overcome adversity and overachieve at a level that I don't think any of us could have expected. This could be Bill Self's defining team more than any other. They are mentally tough, they work harder than anyone, they never give up, and while they may not beat you with talent on paper, they will beat you with heart. Those are fun teams to be associated with.

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Rock Chalk and Beak em Hawks!