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Is Trevor Releford Possibly Transferring to Kansas?

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First off, as a personal note I feel like I need to explain how uncomfortable I am writing things like this. I consider myself a writer first, an analyst second, and a newsbreaker/reporter/ third, or never. Secondly I should note that this is not a done deal (hence the word possibly in the title) and I get that if it turns out not to be true it could reflect badly not only on me but Owen and SB Nation as a whole, and I want that 0%.

That said, I got multiple emails/texts from people whom I know at KU and elsewhere, including from one of the people who told me about the Charlie Weis hire before it happened, that this was a real possibility. Asking around for confirmation I had multiple people who told me that while it's not for sure, the wheels are in motion so to speak. So I have a handful of people whom I trust saying it could happen, and then there's this quote from the KC Star's website:

But the Jayhawks remain thin at point guard, and Self, who is not able to discuss recruits specifically because of NCAA rules, said he’d like to address that through recruiting or a potential transfer.

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So while it's not official, and no one is going to confirm it until it is, I think it's appropriate to say that there is a better than 50/50 chance that Alabama guard Trevor Releford will join his brother Travis at KU.

Releford had a decent Freshman year and followed it up with an improved Sophomore year, despite some off court troubles that caused him to be suspended from the team. On the court, Releford struggled with his outside shot (27.3% from three), but that was really the only hole in his game. He shot 48% on two point jumpers, took almost half of his shots at the rim, and had just an 18.6% turnover rate (though just a 19.4% assist rate).

Though he didn't get to the line often (odd for how much he was able to get to the rim) he shot 82% from the line, and his 56% two point percentage is very good for a guard. Perhaps most impressively Releford had a steal rate of 4% last year, which was 38th best in the whole country, and he could be next in line of great KU perimeter defenders.

If Releford does come he will likely have to sit out a year as I doubt a hardship exception would apply (though with the Star quote above perhaps Self knows something?). Still, he would give Kansas experience at the most important position on the floor, and a lot of talent there as well.