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Kansas Basketball Big 12 Tournament Matchup: Baylor

1st Two Matchups

Kansas defeated Baylor 92 - 74

Kansas defeated Baylor 68 - 54

The big news coming out of Baylor yesterday was the explosive performance by Perry Jones III. I have to admit that Jason King's recent article did change my opinion on the guy a few weeks back and yesterday we saw what he is capable of.

Now the question for Baylor and Kansas fans is whether or not Jones III can have a similar performance or even a remotely similar performance against a solid set of bigs and a in a big time game. He just hasn't done that yet. Hopefully it doesn't start today.

Defend. Defend and rebound. They're a great offensive and defensive team. They rebound really well. We've got to be able to rebound and get a lot of stops, as many stops as possible, because they can get on runs and it can get ugly. So just play defense.

- Perry Jones III on what Baylor must do to change their fortunes against Kansas

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