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Kansas Basketball: A Quick Glance At Texas A&M

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1st Two Matchups

Kansas defeated Texas A&M in Lawrence 64-54

Kansas defeated Texas A&M in College Station 66-58

Obviously Kansas scores below their average against A&M and that has happened in both meetings. For whatever reason that has allowed A&M to play both of these games reasonably competitive for a team that finished near the bottom of the league. We'll see how that holds up tonight.

"A&M played well against us twice, A&M is finally healthy, and that adds to the equation. They play more like us, primarily all man defense. They run some different sets but certainly things our guys will remember because we played them a couple of weeks ago." - Bill Self

Preview from round 2, seem pertinent

The Texas A&M Preview Is All About Avoiding Looking Ahead - Rock Chalk Talk
Previewing round two, probably also relevant here as we head into round three against the Aggies.

Meeting No. 1 and No. 2 during the regular season

Don't Let The Door Hit You In The SEC: A (Semi) Statistical Recap of Texas A&M - Rock Chalk Talk
Breakdown of the win in Lawrence.

Kansas Basketball: A (semi) Statistical Recap of Texas A&M - Rock Chalk Talk
Recap of the game in College Station

Texas-am TAMU 61.0 43.3 65.4 33.3 34.1 10.2 23.9 11.8 13.5 5.6 2.3 17.9
Kansas KU 74.9 48.4 69.4 35.4 37.1 11.2 25.9 15.6 13.4 7.4 5.6 17.6
Texas-am TAMU Opponents 60.8 40.4 71.3 30.5 32.4 9.4 22.9 11.6 12.1 6.4 3.3 16.8
Kansas KU Opponents 61.2 38.2 71.3 34.5 30.8 10.0 20.8 11.0 14.3 6.6 3.2 18.6