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2012 NCAA Tournament: Rock Chalk Talk Heads To The Final Four Courtesy Of Buick!


So yes, it's official, I am indeed heading to New Orleans for the Final Four thanks to the fine folks at Buick! Buick will be sending me and my wife and to participate in a variety of Final Four activities including all the games, media events, a couple of VIP parties and of course we get a Buick Regal GS to drive around the Big Easy.

It's kind of wild to think that I started writing on here about four years ago now. I missed the Orange Bowl season and the National Championship around here as I didn't find this place until the Fall of 2008. At first it was just something I did because I liked writing and I liked talking with other Jayhawk fans. We'd put up a post a day or so, get a handful of comments from some of the same people that are around now but it was pretty much a small group of a dozen or so including RC who founded this place.

Now we put up two, three, maybe four posts a day. We have six contributing authors and countless others who jump in with comments, fanposts and fanshots daily. We'll have 100,000 visitors this month alone. If someone puts up a post you're bound to get a 100 comment thread talking Jayhawk sports and it's typically a pretty engaging group. It's fun to see. I find myself humbled to have this opportunity to go watch my team in the Final Four just for doing something I find to be an incredibly rewarding hobby.

But let's get back to the fun part. What's going down in New Orleans? My plan is to do my best to document the scene from a fan perspective in the Big Easy. I'll share that with you either while I'm there (time permitting) or upon my return. Certainly follow us on twitter @rockchalktalk as I'll try to use that as a way to give real time updates as much as possible. Fetch runs the show for us on Twitter most of the time but I'll do my best to keep tweeting when it seems appropriate.

We'll also have our typical game thread and game coverage running all weekend here at Rock Chalk Talk as our Jayhawks make a run at the championship. Rock Chalk Jayhawk! And thanks again to everyone here for making this a great place to talk about the Jayhawks!

Also check out the exclusive Buick-NCAA Team Badge application found on which allows college basketball fans to post a college-specific March Madness badge on their profile to show support for their team.