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Kansas Football: Spring Season Kicks Off Today

The Kansas football team will kick off their Spring season this afternoon as they hold their first of a series of 15 practices over the next month. The Spring season concludes with the Spring game on April 28th and I know many of us will be anxious to hear how things look when compared to what was often described as a bit of a disorganized mess over the last two years.

The big news from a personnel standpoint will obviously center around the quarterback position where Dayne Crist, Turner Baty, Blake Jablonski and Michael Cummings will all be competing for reps. Crist is expected to win the starting job, and watching a player that was once one of the top quarterbacks in his class will be a change for Kansas fans .

The other recent addition is defensive end Josh Williams who joins Kansas after transferring from Nebraska. Williams is one of the players that qualifies for immediate eligibility and he's someone that will have an instant impact on the depth chart. Charlie Weis has made no secret that he favors this route for improving Kansas as quickly as possible and it will be interesting to watch these pieces as they integrate with what we already have.

It's a new head man, a new staff, a host of new players and from what we're hearing it's a new attitude within Kansas football. Hopefully over the next month we see some positive trends that might lead to some optimism when looking toward the fall.

Full Spring Schedule After the Jump.

27 - Tues. Helmets Only
29 - Thurs. Helmets Only
31 - Sat. Full Pads
3 - Tues. Full Pads
5 - Thurs. Full Pads
7 - Sat. Full Pads
10 - Tues. Full Pads
12 - Thurs. Full Pads
13 - Fri. Helmets and Shoulder Pads
(Coaching Clinic)
14 - Sat. Full Pads
17 - Tues. Full Pads
19 - Thurs. Full Pads
(6 a.m. Practice)
24 - Tues. Full Pads
26 - Thurs. Full Pads
28 - Sat. Spring Game - 1 p.m.
Memorial Stadium