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2012 NCAA Tournament: The Final Four By The Numbers


On Saturday, Kansas will join Ohio State, Louisville and Kentucky as the final four teams competing for the national championship. Here is a brief look at some of the numbers involved in this year's final four. In addition, if anyone has any topics they want to see covered this week, please suggest it in the comments, send a tweet to either @fetch9 or @rockchalktalk, or email.

Note: most numbers are from

Best offensive team: Kentucky (123.1 AdjOff Rating)

Best defensive team: Louisville (84 AdjDef Rating)

Worst offense: Louisville (105.1 AdjOff Rating)

Worst defense: Kentucky (88.6 AdjDef Rating)

Biggest ballhog: Louisville's Russ Smith (33% usage rate, 35.8% PctShots)

Best long range bomber: Kentucky's Doron Lamb (47.1%)

Best offensive rebounder: Louisville's, Chane Behanan (12.8%)

Best defensive rebounder: Kansas's Thomas Robinson (30.9%)

Best shot blocker: Kansas's Jeff Withey (15.1%)

Best assist rate: Louisville's Peyton Siva (35.9%)

Most experienced team: Kansas (2.18 yrs)

Least experienced team: Kentucky (.77 years)

Tallest team: Kentucky (+3.8 effective height)

Shortest: Louisville (+.2)

706: driving distance, in miles, from Louisville to New Orleans, the shortest trip among the four schools.

913: driving distance from Columbus, Ohio to New Orleans, the longest trip.

49: total number of final four appearances for the four schools in this year's final four

53: The highest totals (using current totals), shared by 2008 (Kansas, North Carolina, UCLA, Memphis) and 1993 (Kansas, Michigan, North Carolina, Kentucky)

1: Number of players who have the chance to win a second national title (Kansas's Conner Teahan)