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Detroit Titans V Kansas Jayhawks Open Game Thread

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8:57 PMish CST
Where: Omaha Nebraska
TV: truTV

Welcome to Rock Chalk Talk and your open game thread for the Kansas Jayhawks vs the Detroit Titans.First round game, last game of the first round period. Here's hoping the Jayhawks can take care of business in convincing fashion and comfortably move us one step closer to the end goal.

Jump in, follow the Hawks and join in with your comments below, don't have an account? Sign up here for free and get in on the discussion. Also, a friendly reminder that you can follow RCT on Twitter and Facebook pages if you prefer. You know what to do, If you like RCT, "like" us.

Rock Chalk and Beak em Hawks!

In Case You Missed It Earlier and Don't Get truTV, AllState sent me a link to a place where you can access a code for Free MMOD on They said they are limited so grab them fast if you need them.