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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 3.15.12


Kansas and College Basketball

When the NCAA tournament became Madness - The Bonus -
In '88 I was sitting in a Lamaze class in advance of the birth of our first child, nervously wondering if Kansas' and Danny Manning's win over Oklahoma was actually getting recorded on my newfangled VCR. That's just three.

Syracuse Orange coach Jim Boeheim -- Fab Melo 'didn't let anybody down' - ESPN
"I can't talk about any of this but I will say he didn't let anybody down in my opinion, all right?" Boeheim said. "I know that's out there. I don't believe that to be true."

Thursday and Friday games: What to watch - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
Only one No. 2 seed on the five potential first round upsets. Guess who? I hate this label. I mean I was at the gym this morning and this guy who professes to know nothing about basketball talks about doing his bracket and all he can say is that he "picked Kansas last year but they didn't do so good". Kansas did better than all BUT EIGHT TEAMS in the country. How is that so bad? Rant over.

NCAA tournament 2012 -- Reading into the fortunes of 66-team field - ESPN
Write 'em out: If Taylor is out of control and Robinson is out of the game, Kansas is in trouble. Jeff Withey has come on as a serviceable addition, but no one at KU wants to see a lot of Withey and a little of Robinson.

North Carolina Tar Heels won't know status of John Henson until Thursday - ESPN
Some noteworthy news from the bracket. He'll play if we face them in the Elite 8 no question. You just wonder how bad it is and if it will effect him. Remember Haase and his wrist? He really struggled late in '97. Of course he was struggling as a three point shooter, Henson isn't doing much of that.

Kentucky’s daunting task of a title-or-bust is ‘unavoidable’ | CollegeBasketballTalk
“This year, anything short of a national title would be seen as a disappointment among the Big Blue Nation,” says Glenn Logan, managing editor of A Sea of Blue, a popular Kentucky blog.”

KU better off Withey than without-ey |
It's been the week of clever headline writing for Keegan. Tough to fill five days talking about the same thing.

Omaha has familiar feel for Jayhawks |
This is where we started last time.

Danny Manning, KU’s big man on campus, shapes the forwards -
Follow up to Manning's press meeting.

Taylor-made: Senior Tyshawn Taylor worked hard for trey success |
Let's hope it doesn't betray him over the next six games.