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Rock Chalk Talk 2012 NCAA Tournament Challenge


And away we go. We're kicking off our 3rd annual? Maybe 4th annual? Definitely something annual bracket challenge here at RCT. As you can see we take this extremely seriously but it is probably the one bragging rights challenge that we do here that most closely ties to what we all know and love, that of course being Kansas basketball.

To enter, jump on over to our group page at Yahoo. If you're on Yahoo and looking for the name it's 2012 RCT Bracket Challenge, Group ID# 125046. The password will be rockchalkjayhawk. Creative right?

Place your picks, enter to win $10k or $5million. Although to win the $5 Million you'll need to pick the perfect bracket. I would suggest just copying mine if that's what you're going for. And if you need a printable bracket to track your picks jump on over here for everything you need.

Also as part of the contest, if you can beat Fetch, he said he'd do your laundry for a month.