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Selection Sunday Open Thread

Conference tournaments are exciting events, but in the grand scheme of things I'm not sure how much value to affix to them. Not only do people overvalue the results of three games in three days compared to three months of action, but it features teams with different motivations. Kentucky's biggest task this weekend was making sure no one got hurt, while Vanderbilt had a real chance to bolster its seed. Regardless, we are (hopefully) a long ways removed from scenarios like 2006, when Syracuse went from a bubble team to a 5 seed just by winning the Big East Tournament.

Regardless, Sunday has featured some pretty excellent games. Florida State beat North Carolina in the ACC tournament final on the strength of, get this, their offense. For the 81st ranked offense in the Pomeroy Ratings, that is quite the feat. Almost as unlikely as Louisville, who won the Big East tournament last night despite having the 13th best offense in the conference.

As I already alluded to above, Vanderbilt beat Kentucky in the finals of the SEC tournament, handing Kentucky their first SEC loss of the year. Though as I also mentioned, one of those teams was likely much more motivated than the other. And right now Ohio State and Michigan State are going toe to toe for the Big 10 tournament title in a game that probably has a very direct impact on Kansas's seeding:

If Michigan State wins, they'll likely be the 4th #1 seed, joining Kentucky, Syracuse and North Carolina, who I think are locks. The real question will be if Ohio State wins do they bump Kansas to a two. Based on the RPI (vomit), Kansas would have the edge in terms of the RPI and record against the top 50, plus they have a head to head win (granted, at home and with no Sullinger), but I have a feeling Ohio State would somehow sneak into that 4th #1 seed. Just a gut call.

Regardless, it looks like Kansas will be sent to either St. Louis or Phoenix and be able to avoid Kentucky and Syracuse no matter what happens, so let's just sit back and enjoy the revealing of the bracket.