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Kansas Moves To No. 7 In The AP Poll After Losing?

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On Monday afternoon the new ESPN/Coaches poll rolled out and the Jayhawks had fallen a couple spots moving to no. 10. I'm not a huge believer in polls and even less so with college 'coaching' polls since it is rarely the coach that votes for these things. That's right, the idea of Bill Self sitting at his office on Sunday night deciding whether he should have Baylor no. 6 or no. 8 is just as ridiculous as it sounds.

However as a Jayhawk fan it's obviously something that we keep an eye on because we're normally in the mix and it sometimes provides a little bit of a measuring stick. But something interesting happened in the polls this week and it's one of those little things that normally happens when teams LOSE to Kansas but this time it happens TO Kansas.

It's the 'good' loss boost! Kansas moved up to no. 7 in the AP poll after losing on the road in Columbia. The AP poll is of course the poll voted on by members of the media. Both Baylor and Kansas State had similar 'move up' or 'stay the same' experiences after losing to Kansas earlier this year in Allen Fieldhouse.

So now the fun question is why? Respect for Kansas and the fact that the Jayhawks outplayed Missouri for most of the game? Respect for a very good Missouri team that had their best home court advantage all season and should have been expected to win? Respect for Kansas and the fact that they face that level of intensity on the road more than ANY team in the Big 12? All good reasons, but could there be one more?